Sunday, October 28, 2012

Farewell Lick Mix (compiled by Nick Alexander with continuous mix from DJ Skooby)

The year was 1988, the club was Bokos in Subiaco and Nick Alexander was freshly arrived in Perth from the UK to spread his brand of "black" music. The initial reaction from club owners was 'ïf you think you are going to play that music in this town, you might as well head to the airport and get back on the plane right now"!!!!

25 years on, it was only fitting that Nick Alexanders farewell Lick Party was held in the same venue (now Flawless), with a packed house of old school RnB and Soul lovers to farewell Perth's Godfather of RnB. With so many contributions to the scene from clubs to radio to groundbreaking mix CDs, Nick Alexander will be sorely missed when he departs for the USA at the end of October.

The Farewell Lick mix CD was given away on the night. For anyone who missed it, here is an upload of the mix for your enjoyment! Count this as the final Essential Selection.

DOWNLOAD Link for this mix can be found here: